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Stone Circle



Tour guides have many interests and mine include local history, research, writing and teaching; so in the quieter winter months when I am not guiding visitors, I act as a consultant for various local organisations; and as a media advisor for independent TV and film production companies.  


I have a number of ‘specialist subjects’ on which I give talks or teach classes: these range from Ulster-Scots language and literature, to folklore and superstitions.  I speak on local history, events and culture; and I deliver talks on people from Robert Burns to CS Lewis, and from the Shipyard Workers of Belfast to the Reivers of the Scottish and English borders.


I also facilitate workshops, design and deliver courses, and assist local organisations with research projects.  Examples include ‘history through art’ for young people; education for mutual understanding with disadvantaged community groups; and arts and crafts classes for local residents’ organisations.


My work with local TV companies ranges from script advice to dialogue-coaching to on-screen delivery.   


Visit the Stone Circle Consulting website to find out more.

Founder & CEO

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