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2020.11.30 Beaver Moon, November 2020

Hello friends. Have you looked up tonight at the big cheese in the sky? I wish my phone took better photos.....

Tonight's full moon is most often known as The Beaver Moon - the first known use of this name was in 1778.

You may have seen the good news item in today's media about the successful reintroduction of beavers into parts of England.

We have never had them here in Ireland - but sculptures of Mr & Mrs Beaver from Narnia can be found in C.S. Lewis Square in East Belfast.

November’s full Moon was traditionally called the Beaver Moon by Native Americans and colonial Americans who used the moons as a natural calendar.

During the time of the fur trade in North America, this was the time of year traditionally considered best for hunting or trapping beavers for their thick, winter-ready pelts.

November is also the time when beavers actively build their winter dams and lodges, before the swamps freeze, having laid up sufficient stores of food for the long winter ahead.

Tonight's full moon has various other names including: Frost Moon; Freezing Moon; Cold Moon; Snow Moon; Fog Moon; Moon of Storms; Mourning Moon; Digging Moon; Scratching Moon; Geese-Going Moon; and Moon before Yule. The first selection obviously refer to the changing weather as we move into winter tomorrow.

In pagan traditions, the rise of the "mourning moon" symbolizes a time to reflect on the year and make personal changes by letting go of the past. If there is a bad habit, fears or emotions that are weighing you down, send them off as the moon rises tonight.

The names 'Digging Moon' and 'Scratching Moon' suggest animals scratching at the fallen leaves, foraging for fallen nuts or remaining shoots of green foliage—with the implication that winter is on its way.

Wherever in the world you live, look into the sky tonight and you’ll see the bright orange star Aldebaran shining close to the Moon. You’ll also find a spectacular open star cluster — the Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters or M45 — sparkling nearby.

With the new moon, comes the next tree in the ancient Celtic tree calendar and I will post about it tomorrow.

Happy moon gazing tonight, friends. I (as always) wish you all love, luck and health in days to come.

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