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The city of Derry was granted its first charter in 1613.  Exactly 400 years later, it was recognised as the first UK City of Culture.  This tour, departing Belfast, is a full day’s exploration of the history of this beautiful walled city in the north-west of Northern Ireland.  As we travel north, we will discuss the events in Gaelic Ulster which led King James I to confiscate the northern counties leading to the 17th century Plantation of Ulster.  On arrival in the city, we will begin with morning coffee at Guildhall Square before walking the ancient City Walls.  We will cross the iconic Peace Bridge to enjoy lunch in Ebrington Square - and then there is some free time for exploring the shops, pubs and museums of the maiden city before returning to Belfast via a Georgian country house for afternoon tea.

Derry’s Walls

Walking Tours

If you would like to book this tour for yourself, your family or your group, please get in touch with me using the form below, and putting the name of this tour in the Subject Line.  We can discuss transport options and costs, dates and any special requests.  


Please note I do not have a ‘schedule of tours’ but arrange them specifically with my guests. 

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