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“Far across yonder blue lies a true fairy land with the sea rippling over the shingle and sand; where the gay honeysuckle is luring the bee, and the green glens of Antrim are calling to me”....  So goes the beautiful Irish ballad - and indeed the north-east Antrim coast is a place of magic and beauty.  This bespoke tour winds round coast and valley, exploring the magnificent road designed in the 1830s by a brilliant Scottish engineer, William Bald.  Stopping off in picturesque villages, quaint harbours, and hidden gems often-missed from standard tourist trails, we will make our way round the north-east corner of Ireland to the Giant’s Causeway with its clifftop walks and honeycomb rocks.

The Glens of Antrim and the Causeway Coast

Walking Tours

If you would like to book this tour for yourself, your family or your group, please get in touch with me using the form below, and putting the name of this tour in the Subject Line.  We can discuss transport options and costs, dates and any special requests.  


Please note I do not have a ‘schedule of tours’ but arrange them specifically with my guests. 

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