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The patron saint of Ireland, Patrick, began life as a Roman boy living somewhere in Britain - until he was kidnapped by Irish pirates and brought to the Emerald Isle.  Today he is remembered annually on March 17th with festivals and pilgrimages; and many sites across Ireland are associated with his life and works.  This tour focuses on sites with a ‘Patrick-connection’ in County Down where he arrived on his mission to bring Christianity to the pagan Irish in the year 432 AD.  The scenic day-trip includes visits to Patrick’s first church at Saul, his healing wells at Struell, the impressive St Patrick’s Visitor Centre, the saint’s grave, and a beautiful medieval Cathedral in the town which bears his name - ‘Downpatrick’.  It also includes a ferry trip across Strangford Lough and visits to some early ecclesiastical sites of interest.

St Patrick’s Country

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If you would like to book this tour for yourself, your family or your group, please get in touch with me using the form below, and putting the name of this tour in the Subject Line.  We can discuss transport options and costs, dates and any special requests.  


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