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County Armagh is famed for its pink and white-blossomed apple trees, its reputation for scholarship and learning, its ancient history and the twin Cathedrals of its capital city.  This day tour begins with a visit to Navan Fort - the ancient capital, ‘Emain Macha’, a place of legend and destiny.  From there, we will make our way to the Palace Demesne to hear about the life and legacy of Primate Robinson - and of course we will visit the two hills of St Patrick with their magnificent cathedrals.  Armagh’s Mall is a beautiful green heart of the city and as we wander through the park, we will visit a poignant sculpture and discuss the jail - with its resident ghost.  There are a few other stops, gargoyles and angels on this tour which promises to be surprising and enjoyable….

Armagh: Land of Saints and Scholars

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If you would like to book this tour for yourself, your family or your group, please get in touch with me using the form below, and putting the name of this tour in the Subject Line.  We can discuss transport options and costs, dates and any special requests.  


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